Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Review: Alone With You

The developer Benjamin Rivers, who created the hit game Home has done it once again with Alone With You which reminds me of the great DOS games of the past and a bit of Lenny Walkabout in some ways and it doesn’t let up.

Your character is nameless but everyone else plays a huge part in this sci-fi romance tale and everything just works perfect. You get missions from the AI and investigate one place per day since you have a limited amount of days to complete the mission but where you go per day doesn’t matter. But what does is the choices you make throughout the game itself.

The art style is amazing and so well done. Home was original and made you think while Alone With You keeps you going with the style and its story progression. After a mission you get to go to the hologram area and talk and get to know parts of the character associated with that mission and even later on you get a free day to know whatever character even more.

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